Giving Tuesday…and beyond

It’s about being a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Away from their families and children in Guatemala, Suhaag Garden’s start-up team embarked on a journey of designing South Asian Weddings with Jilna and Jigar 12 years ago.  With over 700 events under our belt today, this team has helped create magical memories for so many of our clients.

But it wasn’t always easy.

Long laborious days, nights (and years) combined with a lack of time management, inefficient systems, self-doubt, fear around money, and no shortage of problems week in and week out. Our start-up team (who are still with us today, mind you) remained intact through a developing relationship of respect, trust and compassion for each other.

It was a long road before we slowly got things in order.

In fact, this may come as a surprise for many, but Suhaag Garden only became a profitable business in their 6th year.
Many of you who have worked with Jilna and Jigar, know that leadership to them is more about responsibility and less about power.  They believe in creating connections and staying accountable to the relationships they create in the workplace, working towards making a difference in the lives of our team, both personally and professionally.

This initiative is the result of the self-transformative work they consistently engage in through various courses.

Jilna is currently enrolled in Dr. Shefali Tsbary’s yearlong course, The Year of Manifestation, where she learned of School the World, whose mission is to build schools in Guatemala to help children learn to read, write, and count, and to provide a better future for their families.

School the World has currently built 75 schools, with a goal of 100 by September 2019.

In honor of Giving Tuesday we’ve partnered with Dr. Shefali’s Evolve to match the donations she receives in our mission to give back the communities of our start-up team.

Please click here to donate.

If you feel inclined, mention #SGGive in the comments of the link and let us know if you too felt inspired.