tAnirika: Custom Bridal Floral Necklaces

The thing I love about necklaces is its versatility in transforming an outfit — it can take a little black dress and elevate it to a sophisticated dress, or take a simple sari and turn into a head-turner at a wedding. All it takes is a piece of statement necklace that adds volume, color and/or texture to your otherwise simple outfit. These tAnirika necklaces provide just the right amount of elegance and novelty that you won’t find in any retail store because each item is custom handcrafted. Whether you’re looking for purple orchids, white roses, or green berries, we can create them to your heart’s desire, Like what you see? Then be sure to follow Suhaag Garden on FacebookPinterestInstagram, and  Vimeo for all the latest updates and ideas for your wedding and events! 92913-139 noname41 2b 2a tanirika floral jewelery suhaag garden tanirika floral jewelery suhaag garden 3b 2b copy