Neeru & Lohith Part I (Wedding)

We’re kicking off March with two scheduled blog posts per week (one every Monday and the other every Thursday) as promised.  Last week was a trial run – Success!  As promised a couple of blog posts ago, we’re going to  make a serious effort to keep on our toes with this blog, so we’ve picked two random days of the week to get us started.  Who knows?  If we have the time and feel the need to share something a little extra in between, we’ll throw that in too.  Here goes…
Today we’re congratulating Neeru and Lohith on tying the knot in a beautiful outdoor Wedding Ceremony which was held at the Ballen Isles Country Club, in West Palm Beach.  We truly lucked out with this couple, not only because we absolutely love working at Country Clubs but also because we got the chance to work with a pair of brilliant doctors who were super laid back and fun loving. Both N&L have ridiculously busy lives living in New York, but between work and play, they managed to successfully plan their Florida Wedding.
BIG thanks to Tushar Bulsara for these gorgeous images.  For photography inquiries please call  561.972.8874.  Stay tuned for his amazing images of N&L’s Reception.  Check back on Thursday.