Jeenal & Adarsh: Orlando, FL

Date: December 2015
Location: Orlando, Florida
Wedding Highlights:


Jilna and Jigar,

Words cannot express how pleased we were with our wedding and reception designs. From the moment we met, you both were flawless in communicating and more than willing to accommodate the needs of our budget. I cannot express how thoughtful and kind you both were to be answering emails immediately, even sometimes at 2:00 – 3:00am! With all the stress that comes with wedding planning, you both were extremely reassuring from the moment we had our site visit up until the week of the wedding. Your attention to detail, professionalism, and creative ideas far exceeded all expectations we had! My favorite parts of the wedding were the little surprises you trickled into the decor to tie together, and how you both were so sweet to unpack your shipment early to incorporate final details into our wedding. I still have guests commenting about the decor and ambiance. We will definitely be passing your information along to all. Our deepest gratitude to you for helping make our wedding day exactly how we envisioned it!

Jeenal and Adarsh

Avani & Chirag: Atlanta, GA

Event Date: November 29, 2014
Venue: Loews Hotel, Atlanta
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Dear Jilna and Jigar,
Almost a year has passed and I am still overcome with joyous, breathless awe when I recall the first moment I walked into each room you stunningly decorated. You both went above and beyond what I imagined a vendor could for a client. Your professionalism, vision and respect for me, my family and your work will always be remembered with fondness when I think of my wedding. You were undoubtedly great decorators but also proved to be such helpful and all-around amazing individuals.
Lots of love and endless thanks,
Avani and Chirag


Sabrina & Mitul: Daytona Beach, FL

Event Date:  November 21, 2015
Venue: Daytona Beach Convention Center


Words cannot express how happy I am and how amazing the decorations were this past weekend! The most beautiful setup ever! We are so super happy with everything! You have a great team! Thank you both for all your help, kindness and patience throughout this entire process. From the beginning you took time to work with us, even with our budget that was not workable! Haha. We loved the pink backdrop for the reception. Such a great surprise and it definitely made the room pop. I could type forever but everything exceeded our expectations. It was the best weekend of our lives and you guys made our dream wedding a reality!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Sabrina & Mitul



Jaime & Steffi – Tampa, FL

Event Date:  October 17, 2015
Venue: Tampa, Florida

Jaime Steffi

Jilna & Jigar,

First off, Steffi and I would like to thank you and your team for all your hard work to make our wedding so beautiful. Words can’t really explain how great everything turned out. From the initial discussions we had, one of the concerns we had was lack of space and how tight everything might be in the room, but after my site visit with Jigar, he assured me that everything would be fine. I know sometimes with all the back and forth, it might have gotten a little frustrating, but we really appreciate the patience and vision that you both brought to make the ballroom look the way it did.

We both really wanted to try to see Jilna the night of just to personally say thank you to her, but I know with the amount of hours you guys put in that weekend, you were probably exhausted and wanted to get as much rest as you could. We’ve heard nothing but great things from our guests about the decor, and have already referred you guys to others who have asked us. Thank you both again for everything you’ve done and for your hard work!

Jaime & Steffi

Shital & Tejesh – Greenville, SC

Event Date:  August 22, 2015


Hi my favorite wedding decorators!

I am so sorry for such a delayed response. Two days after the wedding, I moved to SF, started a new job, and moved into a new apartment, then started studying for my pediatric boards. All excuses, but I still wanted to take the time to send you two an email for being so wonderful during my wedding. It was such a beautiful experience, from the mehndi decorations to garba and then to the finale of the wedding/reception. I was sad I kept missing Jigar that weekend because I wanted to thank him personally for the work you have done for us in the past nine months. I appreciate everything you have done and will constantly recommend you to all my friends and family when they are looking for decorators for weddings. You two are truly amazing to work with!

Shital and Tejesh

Stephanie & Kashif: Orlando, FL

Event Date:  July 18, 2015
Venue:  Hyatt Regency Orlando
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Stephanie and Kashif

Hi Jilna & Jigar,
Kash and I just wanted send you both and your team a huge thank you for the amazing job you did for our wedding. the decor exceeded our expectations and truly made our event magical. Every aspect from the floral to the lighting was perfect. It really was a pleasure working with you both. Thank you again!

Tina & Dennis: Orlando, FL

Event Date:  August 7, 2015
Venue:  Hyatt Regency Orlando

tina dennis1


I feel so sad that Dennis and I didn’t personally get to meet you this past weekend. But I must say that all the decor really took me by surprise. I knew you would do a great job, but we were simply awestruck. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your and your team’s hard work to make this dream come to life. My parents were equally mesmerized. I think our favorite parts were the market lights and the colors and the white couches during the sangeet, the way the mandap came out to our EXACT vision, and the linens and the centerpieces and the beautiful eggplant backdrop draping during the reception. You guys are truly talented.

Heartfelt thank you from all of us!
Tina & Dennis

Suki & Jay: Orlando, FL

Event Date:  March 7, 2015
Venue:  Hyatt Regency Orlando
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Suki & Jay_v2

Dear Jilna and Jigar,

We wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for the absolutely stunning decor at our wedding! Words cannot describe how beautiful it was, even pictures probably won’t do it justice. Several people (including my parents!) snuck a peek at the ceremony decor before the events began, and  I kept hearing how amazing it was, but even I was not prepared for how gorgeous it looked — my jaw dropped while I was walking down the aisle!

The reception decor was equally as breathtaking. Jilna, you were so right,  the curtains were a smashing success! Our guests were certainly impressed, and I have a feeling you’ll be getting quite a bit of business with their sons’/daughters’ future weddings 🙂

Between the grandness of the lush florals and the shimmer of the gold tablecloths, and everything in between, I could not have been happier with every tiny part of the day which came together so magnificently. Jigar, I unfortunately did not get a chance to meet you, but a huge thank you for taking Jilna’s vision and executing it so remarkably.

Suki & Jay